Author says all you need is food as Beatles songs inspire cookbook

“I encourage people to have music meals by picking out some recipes, listen to some songs they aren't familiar with and fall in love with The Beatles all over again.”

The book takes Beatles song titles, including some deep cuts (sorry!), and turns them into Beatles-inspired recipes. Just the titles of some of them give a taste of what's cooking.

There's “Lady Medallions” using filet mignon, brandy and chives; “Tangerine Tree and Marmalade Sky Bread”; “I Relish Her Majesty,” a relish with nuts and gelatin added; “Strawberry Pie Forever”; “I Want to Tell You About This Fab-4-U-Lous Flour-Less Chocolate Cake”; “Re-Act Naturally,” with bananas, dark brown sugar, banana liqueur and rum; “Here, There and Everywhere Sausage Square”; and “Stuffed Sgt. Peppers.”

“Recipe Records: A Culinary Tribute to the Beatles” is Stagg's third book of musical recipes. How did the Beatles book come about?

“My best friend and I love music and food and we dreamed up the idea and wrote the first book, 'Recipe Records'” she told us. “It was pretty popular, so we kept the momentum going by beginning to write the Sixties edition, 'Recipe Records the 60's Edition.'

“After beginning the project, my best friend, Maggie, fell ill and sadly, unexpectedly passed away at the young age of 44. She passed 1 1/2 yrs ago. It took me a long time to dig out of my funk and decide to work on the Sixties again. Once I got it finished, someone approached me about doing a Beatles cookbook. I instantly knew that it would be terrific to do this and it took me about 30 days to write it.”

Stagg, who hosts a weekly radio podcast on Blog Talk Radio, says the book is both a tribute and a cookbook.

“My intention with the Beatles book is this: The book is not only functional, but it is a written artistic tribute to my favorite band The Beatles. I am surrounded by folks who are less than impressed by The Beatles and I'm constantly trying to sway people into my camp by sharing the fascinating stories about The Beatles and trying to show people how the impact of this band affects every aspect of the music world,” she says.

“No other musician has affected music in the same way. I'm hoping to win over a new generation of fans of the Fab Four. People who have no knowledge of the Beatles will read various trivia and stories about the Beatles that they wouldn't ordinarily be exposed to. I sell a lot of books to college kids, newlyweds and young women. The recipes are tried and true, but they are also beautiful when served with great company and great music.”

All three books are available through her website.


             “It was 50 years ago today….” Yep, you’ll be singing that tune over and over this coming year as the 50th anniversary of all-things-Beatle swings around! Fifty years since the lads landed at JFK (7 Feb. 2014) and fifty years since they sang on The Ed Sullivan Show and fifty years since the 1st American Tour…THIS is the Golden Anniversary!

             And to celebrate that momentous year-long event, Lanea Stagg has created a Beatles cookbook that plies witty titles (John), down-to-earth recipes (Ringo), inspired art (George), and fan-friendly facts (Paul) about the Fab Four to supply a year of Beatle-themed recipes for the gala.

             One of the jewels you’ll find inside this collector’s book is a recipe for Scouse, the traditional dish of Liverpool that gives residents of the city their nickname, “Scousers.” The stew-like dish is served up by Liverpool author, Dave Bedford (who wrote Liddypool) along with a very interesting history of the dish as a side!

             Stagg also offers a special truffle recipe in honor of each Beatle! And yes, before I peeked inside the book, I knew John’s would be a lemon tart! (One day people will discover his lovable, cream-filled centre and be pleasantly surprised.) George’s truffle is filled with recipe for “a smooth, mellow coffee,” and Ringo’s is “a raspberry nut.” Paul’s truffle, appropriately, is “a sweet cherry cream.” And these great candies are just as fab-tastic as they are easy to make. Wow your friends and salute the boys from Liverpool!

             Also, within the pages of this book, you’ll not only learn to make “Stuffed Sgt. Peppers” and “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Slaw,” but you’ll also glean great trivia about Beatles songs (such as a complete list of all songs with proper names in the titles). And the recipes aren’t complicated or chockfull of ingredients that only kitchen-gurus have! They are recipes that families can make and enjoy together!

             “Do You Want to Know a Secret?” I even shared my mom’s treasured “Strawberry Pie Forever” recipe with Lanea, and Maxine (my mom) gives that dee-lush-ious pastry and fruity delight to No One! As my uncle used to say, “This pie is eulogizing!” (which translated means “to die for.”)

             Unlike Stagg’s other books, this book does not feature a “Suggested Play List” to the recipes because if you just put on a Beatles album (or CD or IPOD selection) and play, you’re good to go! But Stagg does include a condensed history of Beatles songs (for example “Sun King’) and  a synopsis of all 5 of The Beatles’ movies.

All in all, RECIPRE RECORDS: A CULINARY TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES is a collection of 50 great recipes, stories, histories, and facts for the Golden Anniversary of the lads…and the fans as well.

             RUSH to http://www.reciperecords and get a copy of this unique collector’s book while the party is still going strong!


Good news, Beatles fans: While you’re reflecting on the passage of a half-century since the release of the band’s first LP, you can celebrate the band’s groundbreaking music by baking all the meals listed in a brand new Beatles-inspired cookbook.

The book, due in mid-March, is titled ‘Recipe Records: A Culinary Tribute to The Beatles,’ and offers 50 Beatles-themed recipes, including, um, “I Should’ve Known Butter, Strawberry Pie Forever, The White Album Fondue, Let It Brie, Stuffed Sgt. Peppers, Lady Medallions, Ob-La-Di Ob-La Slaw, Roll Up For the Magical Mystery Wrap and George Martinis.”

‘Recipe Records’ author Lanea Stagg is apparently well known to the Beatles faithful; according to the press release announcing the book’s release, she’ll be “making her inaugural appearance with her cookbooks at this year’s Fest for Beatles Fans in Secaucus, NJ on April 5 – 7.” Her new collection is just the latest in an ongoing series of books, which also includes ‘Recipe Records: The ’60s Edition,’ home to such recipes as “Like a Rolling Scone, House of the Rising Bun, I Fought the Slaw and the Slaw Won, and People Everywhere Just Got to Be Brie.” As Stagg promises on her website, “This is not an ordinary cookbook! It’s full of music knowledge, entertaining stories, trivia, anecdotes and recommendations.”


Recipe Records - A book about Music ‘N Food

We Go Together like….”

Now that you’re singing “ram-a-lama-lama, ka dinga ka dinga dong,” and are in a groov-a-licious mood, let me tell you about Lanea Stagg and Maggie McHugh’s music-and-recipe book, Recipe Records.

It’s not just a recipe book. It’s not just a book about great music to appreciate, and enjoy.

It’s a book about Food-and-Music Events or “happenings” that you can stage in your own home!

What Stagg and McHugh really do is give you ideas for throwing intimate, fun, “cooking parties,” complete with theme songs to listen to as you chop, sauté, grill, or slurp up the delicious results. They supply the recipes and the “Suggested Song List” (as opposed a Suggested Wine List), and they encourage you to get you naturally high.

Let me give you an example. On page 84, Lanea and Maggie offer readers a GREAT recipe cleverly entitled, “Oye Como Veal.” It’s a superb creation of veal cutlets topped with mushrooms, shallots and artichoke hearts. But that’s not all. They give you a “Suggested Song List” to play as you prepare this feast, including hits such as “Heading for the Light” by Traveling Wilburys (yeah, George!), “Born the be Wild” by Steppenwolf, “Ballroom Blitz” by Sweet, “Take the Money and Run” by Steve Miller Band, and four or five other rockers, including of course, the Santana theme song in the recipe title. If you follow their complete recipe, including the music, you’ll dance away your calories before you ever sit down to dinner. Cooking will become unbelievably fun!

Here are the things I loved about this very cool book:

  1. 1. I discovered brand new groups and solo musicians. Look, I’m a John girl. So I’m limited in my musical experience. If it’s not John Lennon in some form or another, I might not have heard it. Lanea and Maggie, however, introduced me to Chickenfoot, The Black Keys , Jonny Lang, and Cross Canadian Ragweed (really?).
    You might do what I did. I put a star by each song I’d never heard, and now I’m working my way through that list, discovering a whole new world of music and perspective. Thanks to Lanea and Maggie, I’m growing. (I still like John best. Don’t tell.)

  2. 2. I learned the “back stories” of many favorite songs, like “Garden Party.” Great vignettes!

  3. 3. I re-encountered recipes from the 60’s and 70’s that I had forgotten about. Remember the things your mom used to bake for the holidays? Well, they’re all in here. Sunday Ham with Cherries and Pineapples. Chuck Roast with Mushroom Soup and Sherry. All the old standards are housed in one collection. Honey Pie was given a chance to laugh (don’t we all need that?) at their clever recipe titles: “Then He Quiched Me,” “Girls Just Wanna Have Rum,” and “Love Me Tenders.” And I got to shake my head and roll my eyes at the cornier ones: “Wrapped Around Your Chicken Breast” and “Paradise by the Meatloves.” 

  4. 4. I was entertained with never-before-told stories about Elvis, Neil Diamond, Jakob Dylan, and Zack de la Rocha. (Yes, NOW I know who he is!) Some of the stories were funny. Others, heart-touching. All were well worth reading. I would buy the book for these stories alone.

  5. 5. Finally – and surely most importantly – “My Boys” were well-represented in the recipe list and the play list. Some of my fav recipes include: “Helter Skelter Skillet,” “I Am the Eggs, Man!” and “Mean Mr. Mustard-Butter.” 

Let me add with great joy that BOTH Pete Best and Ringo are listed on Lanea and Maggie’s roster of “The World’s Greatest Drummers.” And The Beatles’ songs even show up on the page of most frequently committed Mondegreens at the very end of RECIPE RECORDS. What’s a mondegreen, you arsk? Well, buy the booke and find out, son!

This book isn’t one that you’ll put on a shelf. You’ll read every word. You’ll make grocery lists, shop, and cook with it. You’ll discover new horizons in music with it. And, if you step up to the challenge, you’ll use it as a guidebook to becoming a cooler, savvier, and better person.

RECIPE RECORDS isn’t about food, entirely. It isn’t about music, entirely. It’s about life…and living life with gusto. That’s what Lanea and Maggie are trying to say. “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” What a genius concept! I wonder who said that?

It’s $20.00 and well worth it.


This is a fun post for me—I have a chance to merge my health science and creative branding careers. It makes me feel like I have a place in the universe! First, as a professional writer and editor, I want to mention this is not a paid or professional review. Second, if you don't like music or food, skip this.

I had the pleasure of meeting an author as my wife and I have been seeking the coolest, most outside-the-box vendors for her new gift store. If you’re a music lover and need a great coffee table book, or if you know a music lover and need an amazingly novel gift, check

 Lanea Stagg and her late friend Maggie McHugh nailed a creative concept with their line of musically-inspired cookbooks. I’m ironically not much of a foodie, so I won’t comment much on the recipes. There’s a nice blend of unique and traditional, but the niche is that they all tie to a song or band. From Red Hot Chili Quesadillas to Rolling Scones to Strawberry Field Butter to Cage the Elephant Ears and Smashing Pumpkin Pie (weird that I’m drawn to the desserts and pastries, eh?), you’ll smile your way through the stories of food, family, and music that bonded these two friends and made them two of the hippest ladies this side of Margaritaville.


Each recipe contains a suggested topical song list for every musical taste. If you can’t find songs you love, you’re not reading far enough. Elvis, Hendrix, The White Stripes, Joplin, Van Zant, Coldplay, of course Lennon, Korn (really—Korn)…from classic to country to acid rock, it’s all there. I think I need to do a formal interview to find out what’s inside Lanea’s brain! I’m still looking for some Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Manchester Orchestra songs, but maybe there’s a collaboration in our future. The series currently includes the original Recipe Records, the ‘60s Edition, and A Culinary Tribute to the Beatles. I have them all in my Creativity Lab. Don’t get me wrong—if you like food and want a recipe book, I think these are well-organized, attractive, and complete, but I love them for the personal stories, melodic trips through my own musical history, and fun band trivia. 
Well done and congrats, Lanea!

(As you might see on her site, Lanea also writes children literature. They're excellent as well!)

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