In order to understand The must understand their beloved Liverpool..also known as "Liddypool." Liverpool native, David Bedford, the author of Liddypool-Birthplace of The Beatlesis my guest & will explain the culture of this town which produced the world's greatest band!

Listen live April 4 at 2 pm CST or you can listen to the archived episode ANYTIME.


Fernanda July 17, 2013 @09:53 pm

Oh Malia, you are so wise beyond your years! I prenitd this out to read when I had a few minutes, but couldn't resist and had to read it right away. Amazing, I loved your words and reminded me what was important. I miss your sweet spirit, your dad was so right, I knew you were special the minute I met you looking at your ohana so many years ago. You DO inspire all those around you to be better. Thank you so much for your words, and inspiration. I am so thankful for you Malia!!love you! We still pray for Lanea and hope she is doing well.

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