Lanea will be interviewing author Jim Berkenstadt about his latest book 'The Beatle Who Vanished'. Find out what happened to Jimmie Nicol after his 13 days of sitting in for Ringo during the Beatles tour.

Listen live Thursday May 2 at 2 pm CST or listen to the recorded version any time.


Jaxon March 05, 2014 @08:42 pm

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Esha February 06, 2014 @02:25 am

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Dayana July 20, 2013 @07:55 am

this blog really mesintired to me and I related to it as I feel things very deeply and sometimes feel like I can't hold one more drop of pain at suffering for the people or creatures I love or the world at large I want to turn off the pain and not feel..and yet it is so much who I am it would be like cutting out my soul.This summer, I, too have felt so many personal losses ..I lost a dear cancer to a rare and aggressive form of cancer he was only 46 in 6 weeks time he went from being robust and full of life to goone his favorite uncle in the world died at the same age in a similar way it felt like we were reliving a nightmare and I felt my own grief and felt for his family..his wife, his mom and his brother and sister that had to bear another loss I have a few friends in big crisis in their lives and I try to hand hold and listen with my heart a dear aunt aging and having a rough time my doggie, who I love as I tell him more then life itself is aging and having issues and I think about the time in the near future when I will have to say goodbye to this bundle of joy who has loved me with all his being and feel so much pain that I won't be able to take his bodying failing him away from him These and other things made me feel like we were surrounded with pain this summer your post on this was so real and comforting to know that others struggle with breathing and bearing the pain of loss and suffering and cry deeply for these things and the perspective you shared of living your life that its so important to do it for sometimes I get so caught up in the pain and the sadness and the pending fears of things to come that the magic of life..the joys of life seem so dim and receded.So thank you in words and photos of reminding me that its okay to feel deeply..its okay to grieve..and its okay to live and find joy, too your heart and kindness has touched me many times, touched me again tonite reading this blog.

Ait July 17, 2013 @02:45 pm

WOW Mals . There's so much I'd LOVE to say but just not enough time, I'll try my best in this mtuine though heheh. May I simply thank you for your sweet and tender spirit. Here I am reading this post about AMAZING NALU tooootally tearing up. IT's wonderful to see and know of such great men, that put their family first, that really live to serve others. As long as I've known Nalu he's always been that way such an amazing man, meeting you added so much more to his existence. You TWO are the epidemy *spelling??* of TRUE DEVOTION, LOVE, COMPASSION and BEAUTY or simply CHRISTLIKE LOVE.You have no Idea how your thoughts leave little yet HUGE eternal imprints on others hearts minds and spirits. Thank you for sharing your sweetness for your simple LOVE for all things; This truly humbled my heart and made me realize that I REALLY need to get a going with LIFE, and stop wasting time on things that are done with today is a new day, make and create HAPPINESS, the only true thing that really matters in the eternitites! I LOVE YOU MALS!!!! xoxo!

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