Kjetil Linnes, a talented musician from Alta, Norway, will be my guest. Linnes is a member of the band The Norwegian Beatles, who are in Louisville, KY to play a number of shows at Abbey Road on the River, a 5 day Beatles music fest!

Listen live Sat. May 25 at 11:00 pm CST, or use the same link to tune in anytime after the show.



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Situ July 20, 2013 @07:51 am

I have followed the news of the pultciabion of the catalog of The Beatles on vinyl for a long time and has always been delayed. Even Amazon.uk removed pre-order of the individual LP scheduled for October 2011. Now I've seen a couple of portals finally announce that the vinyl will be released, but the announcement of this blog if it makes me believe it's true because normally you always hit the nail with the firstfruits they advertise. Now I have another question, the catalog will be released in Stereo or Mono?

Karo July 17, 2013 @10:32 pm

WOW! Congratulations to your daughter -good catch, I'd say -on what looks to have been a beiuatful wedding. Congrats to you and your wife too for being able to travel to New York to enjoy the celebration. And finally, big congrats too for posting the beiuatful photos -no big surprise there though as I have yet to see a picture you've taken that wasn't a great one!

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