Don't miss this week's guest, John Kruth, an author & musician whose recent book Rhapsody in Black eloquently tells the story of Roy Orbison's life. Kruth's research & analysis of Roy's life is magnificent and thorough, resulting in a book you can't put down! Listen in to this exciting show about Roy Orbison, whose footprint in music will never be filled by another.

Don't miss Kruth's interview at 12:00 Noon CST  -  the show link is below. If you can't listen live, tune in anytime to hear the recorded episode.


Eddi March 05, 2014 @08:44 pm

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Pipi February 06, 2014 @02:27 am

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Abdou July 20, 2013 @10:40 am

Thanks Judy, I was a surirpse guest at the car show in Bridgenorth and I think I did surirpse alot of people, and I had very good response from everyone, so I told to come to my show at the Buckhorn Community Centre. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and I hope to see alot of people !

Veronica July 17, 2013 @07:56 pm

Sorry ladies your info in inoerrcct ! I won the Canadian National Elvis Competition in Kingston, Ontario in 1999, I won the Canadian National Elvis Competition in Orillia in 2000, and by invitation I came 7th runner up in the Images Of The King competition which is a worlds competition in Memphis Tennessee in 2003 ! As of now, I'm performing tributes to 95 different artists from the 50 s to the 70 s. It will be a great show so I hope you don't miss it !

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