Shelley Germeaux, columnist for National John Lennon Examiner  will appear on my show today to discuss her favorite topic, John Lennon. This longtime fan & accomplished writer has spent years researching Lennon's life & she has some delicious nuggets instore for you. In a Mother's Day tribute, she'll talk about John's mother, Julia, along with his long lost sister...Victoria. Don't miss it!

Don't miss the radio show LIVE - today at 1:00 pm CST:
You can always go to this link to hear the archived show as well.


Miho July 18, 2013 @10:03 am

Esas kirie Pano ke polous alous NEOellines sas ixa di stis proumoigenes ke stis pro-proumoigenes ekloges opou ke trexate me ta.... tesera gia na psifisete tous axristous ke kleftes politikantides,ke tous kserate pioi itan, OLOUS,ke tora diamartireste.Kathiste tora apathis ke apoxavnomenoi ke fate dimokratia.

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