You can call Al Sussman of Rochelle Park, New Jersey, and ask him pretty much any burning question you have about The Beatles. Really. No question too tough or too easy.
Al, a major Beatle fan, started writing for Beatlefan Magazine 33 years ago & celebrates the 200th issue of the magazine this month. He has spent years studying, reporting and writing about the Fab 4 and enjoyed every moment.
Beatlefan mag is one of those actual paper things that you hold in your hands instead of scrolling down a bright screen with a mouse. I totally remember purchasing copies of Teen Beat and pulling out the full page photos of Peter Frampton  & hanging on the wall... and what a delight it was to read the issue over and over and over. I think that's something we miss in today's society o' internet. I respect the electronic era, however, I'm partial to holding reading materials and flipping the pages; perusing over the photos..... 

Al serves as the Executive Editor for Beatlefan Magazine. You can go to their website and get a glimpse of what the mag has to offer.  A year's subscription consists of an issue every other month for the cost of around $30/yr. In blonde math, that's $5 per issue -- less than a fancy schmancy Starbuck concoction....

As with most writers...Al has a book up his sleeve and I'm excited to talk to him about the book's topic: the 101 days between the assassination of JFK and the emergence of The Beatles in the U.S. He'll also be filling us in on his upcoming program at The Fest for Beatles Fans in the New York Metro area, April 5-7.

I'm setting aside some questions for Al & I hope you will too. Call in to the show this Thursday, Feb. 28 - 2:00 pm CST   the number is:   347-857-3983

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Remember..if you can't listen live...go to this same link anytime to listen to the archived episode.

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