Every generation has been through it.  Elvis was considered a dangerous influence on society; his pelvic thrusts banned. And then there were the Beatles, whose "long hair" sent parents through the roof; that filthy Jim Morrison of The Doors.... Led Zeppelin... KISS ...  all of those testosterone-driven males dripping with blood thirsty passion for young ladies ... has caused much uproar in our society.

As a mother of teens, I've noticed that things haven't really changed much.  Except perhaps the names of the bands.
I take my daughter, Abby, and Maggie's niece, Annie, to a lot of concerts. What began as a very innocent act that the girls enjoyed has become something that is, well, not a good idea anymore.
The girls always enjoy penning a sign to draw "support" for the musician(s) we were off to see, ie:  
"Honk If You Love Vampire Weekend," "Honk if You Love Jack Johnson", "Honk if you love The Beatles"....
you get the idea.

Well it seems that the days of simple band names that said a lot, but in a more tame way are becoming fewer: The Temptations, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Coldplay...

As of late, the band names are becoming more difficult to "support".....  

I've had to nix our fun "Honk if you love" signs due to the latest band names found in our modern society. Just imagine passing a car with the sign "Honk if you love..." added to these popular band names:

Group Love .....  Passion Pit ......  Fun ..... The Killers ....The House of Love ... Hypnolovewheel ... Morphine ..... Nude ... Porno for Pyros ... Sick Puppies ... Surfer Blood .... the list continues with bandnames that sometimes cause me to blush. 

And the kids love 'em.

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