Punk rock has been extremely influential in music, thanks to New York "brudders," The Ramones.

I recently visited Blue Heron Winery located near Cannelton, Indiana and I found peace on the bluffs of the Ohio River. The vineyard/winery is nestled in the woods of Southern Indiana and it's serene and inviting....just like the wine.

Friendship is the name of the game this week. Straight out of Lanford, Illinois, the Conners have arrived: aka Nicole Michael, Shannon Pocock & Jeff Dundas.
I had the extreme pleasure of hanging with these "movie stars" on their recent pilgrimage to Evansville to view the "Roseanne house" & Lobo Lounge, which are portrayed in the popular TV sitcom "Roseanne."

The past week I've been reflecting upon the sudden and tragic loss of my best friend, Maggie McHugh, who passed away two years ago today. For my new readers who might not know, Maggie & I wrote Recipe Records together nearly five years ago. The reminders of her are just about any place that my weary eyes rest.

A tiny farm town in Arkansas was swept away with unbelievable excitement 47 years ago...when The Beatles briefly landed at the city's airport. The story has it that during a weekend layover between Dallas & New York, John, Paul, George & Ringo stole away to a dude ranch in Southern Missouri for some much needed rest and relaxation. When this sleepy town of Walnut Ridge got wind of the Fab 4 potentially landing at the airport, the crowd gathered to steal a peak....or a touch....

I love bacon. Bacon is the great American ingredient and it's used to enhance every possible food imaginable........

It's so cliché to start with "I remember when I was in high school"...but I'm gonna do it anyway. During my high school days, The Greg Kihn Band was blasting on the Kansas  City radio stations, along with The Police, J. Geils Band and Judas Priest.

Fame sometimes leads stars down a dirty path of destruction. Decades ago, 8 year-old Bobby Hayden, Jr., a native of Evansville, Indiana, was on the Milton Berle Show, the Grand Ole' Opry & the Ted Mack Amateur Hour, where he was dubbed a child prodigy. Bobby became addicted to the applause and adoration at that young age and years later he was in the spotlight with the likes of Paul Revere & The Raiders, Mitch Ryder and others. Bobby's addiction to what he says "everything" cost him almost "everything."

John Densmore, the drummer for one of America’s greatest rock bands, The Doors, describes the spiritual, political and economic trips he experienced during a legal battle with former Doors band mates, Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger. One part social commentary, one part political science lesson and one part trial narrative, Densmore penned a terrific book complete with philosophy, wit and wisdom.  The Doors:  Unhinged – Jim Morrison’s Legacy Goes On Trial is an important book for not only the diehard Doors fan, but for those in pursuit of contentment, who question authority and believe in performing honorable acts.

Once I survive the back-to-school tornado, I always reflect on school years of the past.  The first day of school conjures up a new smell of the grade school hallway & echoes of anxiousness, which are always distinctly different on the first day than each day that subsequently follows.

Excitement is definitely in the air for this weekend's Fest for Beatles Fans in Chicago, which, for me, is beginning to feel like going to a reunion. Organizers, Mark & Carol Lapidos, along with their lovely daughters, have been creating a fan-friendly atmosphere at The Fest since 1974. It's perfect for die-hard & fair-weather fans who want to browse, schmooze & enjoy the wonderful world of The Beatles.

The history of women in the world of rock & roll dates back to the juke-joint "mamas" of the 1920's. Those women simply used music to express themselves & they poured out their musical souls which unknowingly laid the foundation for future generations of female musicians to push and seal the envelope.  

Years ago, while trying to educate myself on the scariest topic ever known--daughters-- I read a book by Mary Pipher:  Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls.
Pipher discusses the phenomenon which occurs when young girls transition from football throwing, spitting in the wind, carefree girls to awkward, insecure, less confident adolescents. One day you have a girl who doesn't care what boys think, then suddenly you have a girl that only cares what boys think. Pipher lays out the evidence & discusses solutions.

My excitement has been increasing each day this week, as I'm excited to introduce you to an outstanding woman, wardrobe supervisor, Jill Focke, of Houston, TX. 

I find many similarities in the definition of "starving artist" to that of "starving author." A starving artist generally makes tremendous financial sacrifices in order to create art. Much is the same in the world of writing books which is very convoluted & confusing. There tends to be two worlds in the book business these days, publishing your works with a formal company or self-publishing.

There are those voices that are instantly recognizable .....
I'm certain no one can disagree that the voice of the late, great Roy Orbison was one of angelic proportions which spoke to lovers, injured or fulfilled, along with influencing great musicians for decades.

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Last week's radio show had to be canceled due to an unforeseen power outage....so you are invited to tune in tomorrow...to hear Dave Thompson chat about Bob Marley, reggae music and other random information probably relating to vinyl record albums.
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Thank goodness I have a daughter who sometimes tosses me a nugget of coolness. She recently wowed me with a hilarious book which she found at, of course, Urban Outfitters: "Dads Are the Original Hipsters"  by Brad Getty. Hipsters are quite popular these days, and after viewing the classy pics in this book, it dawned on me that yes, Dads are the original hipsters and thanks to my sister, I'm able to share a hipster photo of my dad..... Not sure what year this would've been, but Clint Eastwood is on the tube & looks like he has a lot of dark hair...

Happy Father's Day to my Daddy-O ... and thank you for all you do for us!!!!!! xoxoxoxo

Author Dave Thompson continues to prove his vast knowledge of all things music in his recent book, If You Like Bob Marley...(Here Are over 200 Bands, CD's, Films & Other oddities You Will Love) 
Thompson hooks you into his very complete book by writing about one of the most important musicians in our lifetime: reggae artist Bob Marley, and then provides a textbook which will appeal to fair weather & serious reggae fans alike. Dripping with references to artists who endured the political environment of Jamaica and created the country's own sound, this book is all you need if you are ready to study reggae. It was particularly interesting to read about the Rolling Stones' stay in Jamaica in the early 70's, resulting in the influence not only in the band's work, but also Keith Richards' solo work on many other recordings, such as Wingless Angels.  Thompson also delves into the effect reggae had on the punk scene, namely The Clash and also Eric Clapton's thoughts on releasing a cover of Marley's "I Shot The Sheriff" into the world of mainstream music. 

Along with 140 other Louisville music fans, I took in an intimate performance of the "son of royalty," James McCartney, who is promoting his latest cd release "Me."

We all know that the phenomenon of  being a "star child" is as much a curse as it is a blessing.  While we can't ignore the fact that James is the son of perhaps the greatest living musician at this moment, birthright isn't what defines him.
He is his own musician.
And that musician is multi-layered, dripping with talent.

We all need encouragement to live healthier lives & thank goodness there are experts available like author Lisa Montgomery, who sift through all of the material and share with us only what we need to know. These days I continue to be on a "need to know" basis....

The show begins at 11:00 a.m. CST tomorrow - please call in with your questions for Lisa

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Several years ago, Maggie & I gave a food demo at Abbey Road on the River, a hip Beatles festival in Louisville, KY. We wanted to somehow include the song "Savoy Truffle" for our audience & the band Blue Jay Way stepped up to the task & delivered a killer rendition of the song. I've never forgotten the generosity of those kids---I believe they were still teens when they played for us. That is a very keen trait to have this day & age, especially when you are as busy as this talented group of musicians.

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I relish the old adage "When in Rome...do as the Romans do..."  And tomorrow night I plan to do exactly as the Southern Indiana folks do....jam with the magnificent Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers at the Ford Center in Evansville.

In the spirit of Mother's Day, I thought it would be interesting to talk about the mother of one of the most famous musicians ever...John Lennon. His mother, Julia Stanley Lennon, wasn't able to care for John due to complicated circumstances beyond her control and for that John spent his entire life suffering. He transferred that emotional energy into his music and the music was a haven for his psyche.

It's a familiar story...an artist's rise to fame and then the unfortunate demise as a result of the success.  I've often read about the "hard days nights" that The Beatles endured to achieve fame and fortune, only to realize that fame and fortune would change their lives forever.

Go to the show link:
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While trying to deal with vision misfortune, I have had to sport a very nifty eye patch, which really cramps my "style."
While munching on Cap'n Crunch Cereal in my arrrrg patch, I thought I'd do a little research on pirate music. I had two choices--talk about the high sea adventure music of those nasty boys .... or discuss the politics associated with downloading music illegally (pirating) and robbing artists of their just due.

I choose pirate music.

In an effort to help raise awareness about tick-borne illnesses, singer/songwriter/publisher Gregg Kirk, of the New York Metro area, founded The Ticked Off Music Fest, which will occur Saturday, June 15, 2013, at the World Cafe Live, in Wilmington, Delaware.

I'm excited to host a band today on a special space mission episode of Recipe Records Radio Show. Joining me from Greenbelt, Maryland, at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center is a group of rocket scientists that are more rock star than any astrophysicist you might imagine. 


It's been 40 years since Jimi Hendrix left this world, but his spirit and presence is stronger than ever.


While the Beatles were growing up in Liverpool, they endured a rather industrial upbringing. The city has been described as very dreary and working class, however, Liverpool native & author David Bedford gives us a more upbeat look at the city.

Don't miss the radio show today at 2 pm CST (you can listen to the archived show via this link anytime after the show is recorded)


I have a great love of vinyl record albums and I still listen to my original album collection fairly often.... Rick Springfield, The Go-Go's, Genesis, KISS; all those albums I saved up dearly for back in the day.....

Don't miss my radio show today--Hell's Kitchen Contestant, Chef Barbie Marshall, is my exciting guest!



Every generation has been through it.  Elvis was considered a dangerous influence on society; his pelvic thrusts banned. And then there were the Beatles, whose "long hair" sent parents through the roof; that filthy Jim Morrison of The Doors.... Led Zeppelin... KISS ...  all of those testosterone-driven males dripping with blood thirsty passion for young ladies ... has caused much uproar in our society.

When I was 11 or 12 years old, Led Zeppelin seemed as frightening and unnerving to me as the film "The Exorcist." Robert Plant strutting around with that long hair descending onto his bare naked chest...Jimmy Page playing a guitar with a violin bow. They were so oohy sweaty, emiting groans & growls and (gasp!) you couldn't even see their eyes.....


You can call Al Sussman of Rochelle Park, New Jersey, and ask him pretty much any burning question you have about The Beatles. Really. No question too tough or too easy.


I hope you'll tune in for some news on my Recipe Records radio show - today (2/21/13) at 2:00 p.m. cst. West Coast columnist, Steve Marinucci, who writes for Examiner.com will be my guest. Steve is considered an expert in the latest news for The Beatles and other artists....... 


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